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Professional Pilates with Begoña Pedraza

Professional Pilates with Begoña Pedraza

Jul 06, 2020 PLAY

The Nagomi Spa and Sport Club at La Reserva del Higuerón Resort have a sound reputation in the region for the quality of the facilities, the fantastic setting and views, as well as the professionalism of the instructors and trainers. They include fitness experts, health and beauty practitioners, yoga instructors and Begoña Pedraza, who leads the Pilates Studio. Her classes are a hit and becoming more popular all the time, but just what is Pilates and how does it benefit you?



It is a system of over 100 exercises that was originally developed some 80 years ago by German-born Joseph Pilates and builds greatly on ancient Oriental techniques and philosophies as well as Western ones. Through a series of controlled movements and exercises, it improves body and mind, using simple exercises on the mat that harness your own bodyweight, as well as those that include special equipment called the Reformer, the Cadillac, Chair and Barrel.


The advantages of Pilates are many, ranging from improving posture, flexibility and fluency of movement, not to mention balance, to making for a healthier spine, strengthening the muscles -especially the core enabling deeper and better breathing - in so doing improving concentration levels and lowering stress and anxiety. In athletes it reduces the chance of injury and shortens recuperation periods.


Pilates Studio by Begoña Pedraza, Reserva del Higuerón Resort

In keeping with the rest of the fantastic sports and fitness facilities at the Reserva del Higuerón Resort, the Pilates Studio by Begoña Pedraza offers an inviting, private environment in which to relax and exercise, using only the best equipment that is guided by the knowledge and passion of Begoña herself.  


She offers group classes (maximum five people) and personal training focusing on classic Pilates, specialist exercises aimed at aiding sports injury recovery, Pilates for Seniors, sessions aimed at maximising suppleness and concentration in sport, teacher training and workshops.


In all this, those with a professional and personal interest can benefit from Begoña’s many years of experience and her passion for helping people through one of the fastest-growing forms of exercise in the world.


For further information and a free trial session you can call or WhatsApp on +34 646432687.