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Spinning classes offered at #12sportclub

Spinning classes offered at #12sportclub

Sep 20, 2022 PLAY

The beautifully styled and located fitness centre of the Reserva de Higuerón Resort, situated on the doorstep of your home at Higuerón West, now offers professionally guided spinning classes.

One of the many fitness exercise options available at the spectacular sports centre is spinning – part of a complex that provides a complete set of workouts and health and beauty treatments all aimed at well-being and lifestyle enjoyment. You will benefit from professional guidance as you up the pace and train, developing your skill levels in what is one of the most popular fitness exercises of all.


Benefits of spinning

This is because it is a fun form of exercise that can have you imagining you’re participating in the Tour de France, but above all because it has so many benefits, starting with the toning of your muscles. Spinning will help you develop and strengthen leg muscles, of course, but you’ll be surprised how many other parts of your body are also involved, from your arms and back to your stomach muscles and core, which this exercise is highly beneficial for.


Overall fitness

Highly cardiovascular, spinning is also perfect for those who want to keep their hearts healthy and combat cholesterol and excess weight, as it helps to drastically decrease fat mass and cholesterol levels, and improves body composition and the transition of fat to toned muscle. Because spinning also stimulates blood flow, it boosts your state of mind and is used even by trained athletes to further improve their overall fitness levels.

After a relatively short period of training in our guided classes, you will feel and see the difference, with stronger arm and leg muscles, a stronger back and core, better posture, greater strength and endurance, as well as less fat and even the beginnings of a six pack. 

Overall, you’ll feel so much more focused and positive, you may never want to give it up!