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Outdoor Wellness at Higuerón West

Outdoor Wellness at Higuerón West

Feb 08, 2021 PLAY

In addition to the extensive health and beauty spa at the adjacent Reserva del Higuerón Resort – which also includes a fitness centre with state-of-the-art gym, swimming pools, beach volleyball courts and a racquet club – homeowners at Higuerón West will have access to their own wellness facilities right on the doorstep of their homes.


The wellness area at Higuerón West will enjoy an intimate, boutique feel; since the larger-scaled amenities of Reserva del Higuerón Resort are just a short distance away, we have opted to create a very special, soothing and welcoming space in which people can relax, soak away any stress and take in the wonderful country and sea views at the same time.


The main focus is therefore on providing a sauna and accompanying facilities in a stylish, highly pleasant environment, complete with the rather unique feature of an outdoor jacuzzi that really does add a glamorous lifestyle element as you contemplate the sky, the surrounding greenery, the sea or watch the sun set.


Revitalising energy

You won’t need energy drinks here either, as we’ve thought of everything, working with holistic instructor Daniel Raimundo to ensure that the ambiance and energy are soothing, relaxing and revitalising. Dani used the Zahori Method to study the water flows in the subsoil, and advised us on the optimal positioning and orientation of both the properties and wellness area alike.


The principle is a little Feng Shui, and ensures that the homes and wellness facilities are in harmony with their surrounding natural energies, thus not working against them but allowing them to flow through the area and create a positive energy field. This mostly applies to underground water flows, but also the presence of minerals with beneficial qualities, and with Dani’s help we located the best spot for the wellness area.


Urbania is a company committed to responsible development; respecting the environment and creating homes that are not only beautiful and functional, but going further to also incorporate the surrounding living environmentfor it is the whole package, not just the property itself, that creates the lifestyle and sense of wellbeing.