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Monday – a new way of working

Monday – a new way of working

Apr 15, 2019 WORK

Monday by Urbania is an exciting new concept of co-working spaces that are taking the world by storm. Inspired by the friendly, informal open-plan offices of tech innovators such as Google and Apple, they are the preferred working space of entrepreneurs and young businesspeople in general, and as such mark a new evolution in the history of the office.

In an age where modern technology allows us to work in a more flexible way and interact with clients and colleagues from afar, many choose not to make their home a workplace but instead seek out shared spaces in which to work, meet and network. With excellent facilities in Barcelona, Monday brings this concept to Spain, and it will also form the inspiration for an exciting facility at Higueron West – meaning that residents and homeowners here don’t have to commute to work but can even walk or cycle from home.

The new co-working centre will offer residents at Higueron West optimal flexibility and peace of mind, knowing that you can avoid traffic and be both at work and home within a few minutes. The centre offers attractive, spacious modern office facilities tailored to different needs – from conferencing and meeting to concentrating on your project, using the latest multimedia, having back-office and reception support, as well as networking and being creative in a lively, upbeat environment.

The centre will also have regular workshops and events for its professional community, as well as healthy food, lots of natural light, inspiring views and chill-out areas. It’s not just a Monday-to-Friday office space either, but a 24/7 centre with the fastest Wifi and Ethernet infrastructure, helpful support staff, professional printers and presentation equipment, and sunny garden areas to relax.

Visit Higueron West and see the co-working concept for yourself! We think you’ll be impressed.