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Record of number of Málaga beaches awarded blue flag this year

Record of number of Málaga beaches awarded blue flag this year

Oct 19, 2020 Lifestyle What's happening?

This year, no fewer than 23 beaches along the Málaga shoreline have been awarded the prestigious blue flag. The highest number ever! Certified by the international Foundation for Environmental Education, the blue flag is awarded for clean water, a high standard of services, safety, accessibility, cleanliness and infrastructure, as well as sustainable management, so it’s a big deal when a beach receives this highest of qualifications.


Not only have 23 beaches on the Málaga shoreline been classified with the blue flag valuation, but several of them are located within the Fuengirola municipal area, including Carvajal Beach, the one nearest to Higuerón West.


From your home at HW217 you’re at Carvajal Beach in a few minutes, so we were thrilled to hear that it was ranked among the finest beaches on the Costa del Sol. The facilities have been judged according to strict criteria of hygiene, health and environmental responsibility, but key is the fact that the water passed all quality tests as set out in the Bathing Water Directive.


Next time you’re there, just look around and you’ll spot the blue flag that tells you this beach ranks among the top not just locally, but internationally. The same goes for most of the beaches in Fuengirola, which saw the greatest rise in blue flag beaches relative to last year.


For those who own a property at Higuerón West or come here to spend their holidays, it’s good to know that the nearby beaches are clean, safe, well-facilitated, easy to reach and also managed in a responsible way.


The new south entrance to Higuerón West will allow for quick, easy access to beaches such as Carvajal, and for people who prefer not to drive down there is a convenient shuttle service as well as the choice of cycling, walking or even taking a scooter to and from your home to the beach.


Contact the Higuerón West team if you have any questions about beaches and other leisure facilities in the area.