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It’s official – Málaga is the ‘6th best destination in Europe’

It’s official – Málaga is the ‘6th best destination in Europe’

Apr 01, 2019 Lifestyle

Goodbye Madrid and Barcelona, hello Málaga. Andalucía’s second-largest city and the capital of the Costa del Sol region is the new darling of Spain, the world’s second most popular destination. 

The meteoric rise in popularity of up-and-coming Málaga has been chronicled in travel publications as diverse as Lonely Planet and Conde Nast, and now more than half a million people voting for the ‘Best Places to Travel in Europe 2019’ on the official European Best Destinations website have placed the city within the continent’s top ten spots to see and experience.

The destinations, which saw Budapest top the list ahead of Braga (Portugal), Monte Isola (Italy), Metz (France), Poznan (Poland) and Málaga, had to qualify in terms of their cultural, shopping, dining, entertainment and a host of other types of offering to make them ideal for city breaks, romantic getaways, family holidays, cultural/gastronomic visits and in some cases even beach holidays.  

Top in the Mediterranean

Málaga fought off competition from all Spanish comers and was the top-ranked city on the Mediterranean in a list that, above all, treasures exciting new places to discover. Naturally, the likes of London, Paris and Rome remain popular favourites, but Málaga ranks among such relatively unknown jewels as Braga, Metz and Poznan to enchant and enthral scores of newcomers.

The city, which has been the subject of an impressive process of beautification over the past two decades, fares particularly well on culture, art, food, shopping, architecture, scenic beauty, entertainment, value for money and friendly, laid-back atmosphere. Indeed, it is one of the safest large cities in Europe, and rewards visitors with authentic experiences.

The city is also a cultural gem for residents and homeowners on the Costa del Sol, as it brings big-city refinement and bustle to within 30-minutes’ drive of Higueron West with its nearby sandy beaches and sunny boulevards. If you would like to know more about beautiful modern homes within Europe’s top lifestyle destination, contact the lifestyle experts at Higueron West.