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Rui Costa – creating a landscaping concept for Higuerón West

Rui Costa – creating a landscaping concept for Higuerón West

Apr 19, 2021 LIVE

Why would Higuerón West hire a prestigious architect to not only be the ‘guardian’ of its design concept, but also to create the blueprint for its gardens and above all, its natural landscaping? We spoke with Rui Costa himself to find out.


We speak of the importance of design and architecture, but just as essential is the natural setting, as this is what sets the tone for our state of mind, aesthetic enjoyment, and ultimately our quality of life. Many studies have shown that people are healthier and happier when blessed with great views and lovely surroundings, so our everyday happiness is more dependent upon landscaping and urban planning than we imagine.


Living in a garden

“We are creating a beautiful, natural living environment at Higuerón West because we can,” says Rui Costa, referring to the space available here to develop a proper urban style master plan. “The drive to do so comes from the desire to make this community stand out for the superlative quality of life it offers, not just the luxuries, amenities, services and architectural styling, all of which are also very important elements, but with respect, a little more commonly applied. We want our owners and residents to feel a sense of joy whenever they come home to Higuerón West and drive through its leafy streets and past inspiring nature, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that every detail contributes to this feeling.”


The first and most important part of our philosophy is a natural one, namely to work within the natural cultural, climatic and vegetation environment we find ourselves in, within a framework of optimal sustainability, so we use indigenous plant species that require little or no irrigation and maintenance. We have created an idealised Mediterranean scenery, where the main visual impact is provided by a large cork oak forest that crosses the valley and forms the main axis of the landscape. Each area and phase will have its own unique detailing of plant species, textures and tonalities. In this way, white, pink, green, purple or yellow shades will be reflective of distinct parts of the resort, and with this visual aspect will come a unique fragrance, of orange blossom, jasmine, citrus, lavender and mimosa, to name just a few of the aromatic plants we are using. The shapes and textural detail of trees also play a role in this subtle zonal differentiation, which includes serpentine gardens, aligned cypresses, green concentrations, Mediterranean brush and scrub, as well as wild flowers.


The location of the properties at Higuerón West within the gentle undulations of a hillside setting between mountain and sea endows it with spectacular views, proximity to the amenities of the Costa del Sol, yet also places it within its own private oasis of tranquillity, security and beauty. “My job is to make the latter as wonderful as it can be,” says Rui Costa with a smile. “This is why I think what we’re doing here is pretty unique, and it is one of the main factors that makes Higuerón West stand out as such a special place to live and own a home.”