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Aqua Zumba at Higuerón – where gym meets pool

Aqua Zumba at Higuerón – where gym meets pool

Mar 08, 2021 PLAY

If you thought exercise was restricted to a gymnasium and a pool was only for swimming, you’re wrong, as the two are highly complementary. Indeed, gym and pool meet in an exciting form of exercise called Aqua Zumba, a gentler way to stay fit that is fast growing in popularity.


For those who don’t quite want to become bodybuilders or train for the Olympics, but merely want to stay lean, fit and sculpted, Aqua Zumba offers a slightly less punishing way of achieving it. Thanks to the natural resistance of water, exercise that feels daunting on land takes on a more painless, flowing aspect, complete with the fun of Latin Zumba dancing.


Full of rhythm and agile movements, Aqua Zumba is a very natural, unforced way of exercising, but it has all the benefits of a workout routine, including a thorough warm-up, stretching, muscle building and endurance enhancing work against the water’s friction. The difference is that it’s a lot more fun than lifting weights or doing aerobics, as it feels like you’re dancing away in the water.


What’s more, the pool’s water aids your balance, so you don’t have to be a star dancer or fitness freak to make it work for you, building muscle strength endurance and suppleness with far less joint pressure than ‘dry’ workouts produce. You’re therefore less likely to suffer any injuries and aches, making this an ideal form of exercise for people who want to keep fit but don’t like discomfort.


Aqua Zumba – only at Reserva del Higuerón

So often a pioneer and reference point for sport, health and leisure activities on the Costa del Sol, Reserva del Higuerón is the first major residential resort to offer Aqua Zumba in its stylish spa – you know, the one next to the professionally equipped gym that overlooks the swimming pool, gardens and paddle tennis courts that make this the centre for the sport on the Costa del Sol.


Contact our team for more information about classes, schedules and how you can enjoy the fun and benefits of Aqua Zumba at Reserva del Higuerón.