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The Beach Club Higuerón

The Beach Club Higuerón

Sep 14, 2020 PLAY

In addition to the many amenities on their doorstep, owners at Higuerón West will also have access to an exclusive beach club situated on one of the finest sandy stretches of the Costa del Sol shoreline. The Beach Club Higuerón offers HW217 residents a stylish modern venue right by the sea, where sea breezes and views across the Mediterranean mingle with a private pool and sunbathing decks bordered by a panoramic restaurant, terrace and clubhouse with bar and elegant lounge.


The superb new facility will be a point of reference when it opens next summer 2021 at Carvajal Beach. This blue flag beach, one of the very best in the area, is not only a few minutes removed from your property in Higuerón West (with a regular shuttle service provided) but also close to Fuengirola and Los Boliches. The top-spec amenity will be distributed over five floors and provide an exclusive, fun venue with the feel of a private oasis – the ideal place to relax, socialise and enjoy the long summer season.


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In fact, with the many privileges of the Beach Club Higuerón becoming an integral part of owning a property at Higuerón West, this exciting seaside amenity is yet another reason why buying at HW217 makes such sense. It’s added to the restaurants, bars, fantastic gym, the paddle and beach volleyball courts, large swimming pool and deck, the spa, health and beauty treatments, and of course the beautiful landscaped areas and natural green zones that characterise HW217.


And that’s not counting the shops, services and concierge support offered when you’re part of the Higuerón West Community. As of next summer, the Beach Club Higuerón will be yet another reason why this ground-breaking eco-oriented luxury residential community is considered to offer the ultimate blend of sustainable development and quality of life.


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