Most property developments in the area are made up of relatively small projects lacking a central concept, infrastructure and master plan. Having all of these elements makes Higuerón West unique, and allows us to incorporate not only exceptional facilities and beautiful green breathing spaces all around your home, but also to add unique features.

Key among these is a modern coworking space that makes it possible to work on your doorstep if you prefer and provides a flexible, creative 21st century working environment where you can brainstorm, meet your clients, work on projects, network and enjoy a full set of professional support services.

This coworking space is designed for networking, creativity and flexibility with services including a concierge reception, brainstorming offices, desks, phone or video booths, multi-function printer facilities and an endless stream of fresh juice and roasted coffee.


Set within the residential greenery of Higuerón West, the coworking business centre forms an integral part of the community because it makes it possible to find an optimal balance between work and living – giving independent professionals and those working remotely the chance to be creative within an inspiring, flexible modern environment within walking distance of their home.

For parents juggling work with children it is an ideal solution, as well as for those who rely on a creative, inspiring office infrastructure that offers business support services, technical amenities, meeting rooms, WiFi and also the opportunity to connect and network. Featuring the latest trends in flexible working, the coworking space also provides a healthy café in keeping with the Higuerón West philosophy.

In addition to offering optimal convenience and the chance to avoid wasteful commutes, the coworking business centre at Higuerón West is also very centrally located close to road networks, public transport and a railway station that all take you to Málaga within half an hour and connect you to its international airport and high speed rail networks across Spain.

With private and communal work stations, support staff, conference/presentation facilities and networking events, this is the future of work as we know it.


Over the years Urbania has created a reputation not only for the quality of its design, construction and service, but also for the post-sale commitment that has produced the unique Concierge Service by Urbania.

Available exclusively to residents at its property developments, the quality and scope of this specialised concierge offering has evolved and improved over time to become a reference for convenient modern living that puts the emphasis on quality of life.

How? By offering to take the mundane, time-consuming tasks off your hands and enable you to focus on enjoying your home, family and surroundings. Greater independence and more free time is a luxury in today’s world, and we put modern technology and personal human service at your disposal to enjoy it to the full.

Concierge Service by Urbania includes a personalised variety of the following services:

  • Home and pool maintenance
  • Home cleaning and gardening
  • Interior design
  • Rental management and welcoming family and friends
  • Entertainment reservations
  • Airport transfers and car hire
  • Child care
  • Pet care
  • Errand services
  • Removals
  • Administration of utilities, insurance, bank or legal documentation, school applications etc.
  • Interpreting services
  • Event management

All these services are just two clicks away thanks to the CSbyU App that allows you access to our professional concierge teams, to review and manage your service account at a glance. Above all – Concierge Service by Urbania is designed and priced to be as accessible as possible.