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Feria de los Pueblos – international fun in Fuengirola

Feria de los Pueblos – international fun in Fuengirola

Apr 27, 2018 What's happening?

Every year in April, the Feria de los Pueblos brings a festival of international fun, food and brotherhood to Fuengirola’s Recinto Ferial, the charming fairground near the centre of town.

The Fuengirola feria ground forms the charming backdrop for a long weekend during which the cuisine, traditions, art and special sweets and drinks of a broad range of countries from around the world are celebrated, shared and enjoyed. The countries include those from across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and parts of Asia and Africa, ensuring that the feria ground is awash in the sights, sounds, dance and flavours of Spain, America, Britain, France, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, India, Morocco and many, many more.

In addition to being international, the Feria de los Pueblos also features the unique offering of different parts of Spain, from Andalucía in the south to Galicia and Catalonia in the north. Each country or region is housed in a traditional feria caseta, a saloon-style venue facing a long pedestrian street that resembles the main avenue of a classic Western town. Here crowds throng in the spring sunshine to the beat of Samba, Irish piper bands, Galician Gaitas, and dancers and colourful outfits from around the world.


A festival of fun for the family

The entrance to the feria complex features a traditional fairground complete with rides, followed by an artisan’s market with craftwork and organic food, and then the main ‘thoroughfare’ lined with the casetas of the different countries and regions, where a festive spirit reigns from Friday to the following Tuesday. Open from early until late, the Feria de los Pueblos brings together many different nationalities in harmony, all enjoying the live dancing, music, traditional art and dress, and of course the food delicacies and beverages unique to each.

This means you can enjoy sushi and sake, curries, fresh smoked salmon from Finland, Moroccan tea and sweets, spicy Mexican dishes and refreshing Coronita beer, French culinary treats with champagne, Dutch/Belgian fries, German sauerkraut with sausages and beer, British cakes, pies and ale, Argentinian steaks and wine, Brazilian cocktails, Peruvian papas potato dishes, Asturian cider and cheese, Andalusian seafood and fino, Galician steaks and more delicious offers from around the world.

This year, the Feria de los Pueblos 2018 is held from Friday 27 April until Tuesday 1 May. Make sure you experience this celebration of nations under the Spanish sun.