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Expats vote Málaga second-best city in the world for foreigners

Expats vote Málaga second-best city in the world for foreigners

Oct 13, 2022 What's happening?

In a recent poll conducted by InterNations, the worldwide expat networking organisation, people living and working abroad were asked to rank every major city around the globe on the basis of the living environment and quality of life it offers, specifically as seen and experienced by foreign expats.


While it is not surprising that Málaga did well, it was all the same fantastic to see that the provincial capital of the Costa del Sol secured second spot among all the cities in the world. Foreign expatriates rated the city so highly because of the excellent lifestyle opportunities it offers, and these in turn were the product of a broad combination of factors, all of which Málaga excels in.


They include of course the warm, sunny climate which makes year-round outdoor living, sport and socialising part of everyday life here. A seaside location with beaches and wonderful scenery, including proximity to natural beauty and leisure facilities are featured highly, as did the cultural, gastronomic, shopping and entertainment amenities in the city. Málaga also offers a good medical and healthcare system, excellent private clinics and international educational institutions, first-class sports and socialising facilities, and a friendly environment and support services that make it easy to settle into local life.


Málaga has all the above in spades, and more, as its central location within three hours of major European capitals was also rated highly by expats, especially those working and travelling internationally, and they noted the good and growing transport links not only within Europe, but also to other parts of the world, including North and Latin America, the Middle East and the Far East.


One of the best places to live

The safety and easy-going way of life also contributed to the appeal of Málaga, helping it to second place among all those many contenders around the globe. Our regional capital only had Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia ahead of it, and notably left behind such perennial star performers among expats as Barcelona, Vienna, Vancouver, Sydney and Singapore.


It just goes to show what we who live and work here already know – namely that Málaga and its neighbouring Costa del Sol are among the most appealing places in the world today!