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Barranco Blanco – beautiful life source near Higuerón West

Barranco Blanco – beautiful life source near Higuerón West

Apr 05, 2021 Lifestyle

Situated in a scenic spot of the hills near the village of Coìn, at just a short distance from Higuerón West, the Barranco Blanco is one of those little earthly delights on the Costa del Sol that is a well-kept secret. Where many who visit Spain’s sunniest coastline flock to the beaches, golf courses and social venues, beauty spots such as this remain deliciously free, natural and devoid of large crowds. 


This is partly due to the fact that while you’re more than welcome to admire the beauty of this setting and drink in its reviving ambience, swimming is prohibited in natural rock pools of this kind. This is partly due to safety concerns in unsupervised waters, but above all to protect the natural environment and avoid large crowds from forming in a protected environment such as this.


A beautiful source of life

The Barranco Blanco is not only a wonderfully scenic spot in the midst of spectacular nature, but it is also a life giving source that feeds Fuengirola’s main river and helps to keep the local area green. Just a short distance from your home in Higuerón West, the Barranco Blanco is an ‘undiscovered’ bit of paradise in the midst of glorious natural scenery, surrounded by wooded hills, mountain peaks and cascading streams that provide rock pools with fresh natural water.


It is an area of gorgeous peace and tranquillity punctuated by the sound of goats’ bells up in the hills, birdsong and the breeze playing through the leaves. Above, imperial eagles float on thermals as they ride the blue skies in search of prey. It is a place to relax, connect with nature and be revitalised as you survey the cristal water of the Barranco and follow one of several hiking trails into the nearby hills and wooded groves.


Just on the doorstep of the Costa del Sol and within a few kilometres of its sandy beaches, the Barranco Blanco is a perfect spot to explore for a fun family day out – one of many wonderful natural and cultural experiences in the area that offer peace, privacy and new sensory explorations.