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LED Lighting chosen for optimal efficiency at Higuerón West

LED Lighting chosen for optimal efficiency at Higuerón West

Jun 08, 2020 LIVE

LED lighting has caused something of a revolution over the past few years, representing perhaps the greatest technological development in the field since electric lights were first invented in the late 19th century. It has been a gradual revolution, with LED lighting slowly taking over from conventional light bulbs in homes, offices, shops, restaurants and public buildings, as well as cars, but as of yet not making too much impact in outdoor lighting.


This is where Higuerón West is once again different, for not only do we carefully select the right kind of LED lighting for inside the properties and community facilities we create, but in keeping with our penchant for detail in everything from architecture and landscaping to urban planning, roads and the planting of green zones, we have also introduced LED lighting outdoors, on terraces, in common areas and even with the roadside lighting.


21st century lighting and energy efficiency

This means Higuerón West will quite probably be the first residential development of this scale to have made the full transition to LED lighting, and it forms part of a deliberate programme to combine quality of life and aesthetic value with sustainable development and low-energy maintenance. Our planners have analysed every possible lighting aspect in the urbanisation, and found the ideal LED lighting solutions for each, creating 21st century lighting efficiencies throughout.


The interior spaces and terraces of the apartments for sale in Higuerón West will therefore feature ambient LED lighting adapted to each area and requirement, but there will also be automatic lights with movement sensors in halls and stairs, so you don’t have to fumble for light switches in the dark. On the pathways we are installing low-glow atmospheric lighting and the outdoor parking bays will have high lampposts – all with LED lighting.


To achieve a warm, cosy and welcoming glow in the green areas of Higuerón West, 2700k LED lights have been selected, all from recognised suppliers that combine technological innovation with quality of build and durable, low-maintenance usage. This will ensure that Higuerón West will not only enjoy low energy consumption with a very low environmental footprint, but that every space (indoor and out) will be well-lit with the latest in new-generation lighting.