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Healthy and happy on the Costa del Sol

Healthy and happy on the Costa del Sol

May 29, 2020 Lifestyle

We are experiencing some strange and trying times, but it is reassuring to know that we’re all sharing this challenge together, and that those who find themselves on the Costa del Sol have an excellent healthcare system and one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. The benefits of being here in Southern Spain are numerous: a wonderful, sunny climate that provides us with lots of vitamin D, plentiful clean, unpolluted fresh air, a healthy diet based on fish, fruit and vegetables, a fantastic setting surrounded by hills, mountains, valleys and of course those spectacular sea views, and a sensible pace of life and focus upon family and socialising.


This balance, combined with year-round outdoor activities, creates some of the best living conditions in the world. You can lay by the sea, enjoy swimming, sailing and all manner of water sports, play golf and tennis, go for walks along coastal pathways or country hikes – the choices are many and varied. These are just some of the reasons why Andalucía is the number one travel destination in the world.


Drive half an hour inland and you enter a world of natural beauty and pretty rural villages where the pace of life is easy-going. Not surprisingly, this is a region where many from around the world come to rest and heal, and for this reason the Costa del Sol has excellent private clinics, health retreats and spas, as well as fantastic country retreats in the midst of stunning nature.


Outdoor and indoor

The importance of a comfortable home where you enjoy a sense of wellbeing has been emphasised once again, but so is the value of having space and nature around you – as a visual way to soothe the eye and soul, but also as the inspiring backdrop to an active, healthy lifestyle. Higuerón West offers all the above, as well as a sense of togetherness and community.


We are privileged to live in a sociable, welcoming country where the sense of solidarity is strong, and which has not only a well-balanced way of life and one of the tastiest of healthy cuisines, but one of the best healthcare systems in the world, with excellent private and public facilities.


All of this means we have a lot to be grateful for in this part of Europe, and if we take positive personal lessons from this experience, we will emerge stronger from it and appreciate the good things in life so much the more.