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What’s special about our safety glass windows?

What’s special about our safety glass windows?

Apr 27, 2020 LIVE

Clients have been asking us what is special about the windows we install in the apartments at Higuerón West, so here is a summary of the main features.


In keeping with our design, build and management philosophy, we are always looking to offer the most advanced, functional, aesthetically pleasing, easy-maintenance and environmentally friendly options available. This applies from the bigger, more obvious features to the kind of detail that sets Higuerón West apart as an innovative, quality living environment.


While it may not be evident at first, windows play an important role in this, as they are key elements in the sound, damp and temperature proofing of an apartment, and thus help to reduce energy consumption and utility costs as well as providing optimal functionality. The three main features that make our specially selected windows stand out are:


  1. Safety Glass – every window pane is made up of a minimum of three sheets of glass to offer optimal safety and security
  2. UV Protection – helps avoid sun glare and also increases the energy efficiency of the apartments by greatly reducing the overheating of living spaces normally seen in homes. The result is a more comfortable, constant temperature with less need for heating and cooling
  3. Soundproofing – in addition to thermal insulation, the safety glass provides effective sound proofing, taking ‘double-glazing’ to a new standard


The safety glass in Higuerón West properties is therefore an industry-leading option. It offers greater comfort, practicality and reduced energy consumption, cutting UV heating and solar glare as well as noise. Attractive, easy to use and clean, our windows let in the beautiful views enjoyed by residents of Higuerón West and are yet another example of how we take the commitment to make this a leading luxury residential community on the Costa del Sol very seriously.


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