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Deco by Urbania – designing your home

Deco by Urbania – designing your home

Aug 10, 2020 LIVE

Urbania has earned the right to say it is not like any other property developer. While this is a professional company with solid foundations it is run by people who are passionate about what they do, and this shows in every little detail – from master plan and architectural design to lifestyle amenities, practical facilities, environmental credentials and innovative new concepts.


At Higuerón West, we have created large green corridors and parkland areas with specially selected trees and flowering plants that complement the aesthetics of the community and create a soothing ambience. Our teams even think about details such as putting pedestrians first, creating carefree play areas for children and such things as lighting and sense of arrival.


If we want everything to be perfect on the outside, naturally this also applies to your home’s décor, so to help our property owners make the most of their living spaces and terrace areas we place a professional design team at your service: Deco by Urbania. They can assist with anything from creating bespoke interiors to offering furniture packages tailored to your budget and needs.


The Deco team, cover as much or as little as you want, including main furniture pieces, soft furnishings, rugs, bedding, artwork, decorative details and items for the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.


Get in touch with our interior design service and set the tone for a wonderful way of life in your Higuerón West home.