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Finding THE home you’ve always wanted

Finding THE home you’ve always wanted

Feb 04, 2019 LIVE Lifestyle

Encountering the right property is a bit like searching for your true one; to some extent, it also requires falling in love, as to make a purchase as big and important as a home you need to be excited about the prospect. It’s true that some people – usually investors – buy properties in a very rational and dispassionate way, but in addition to the important tick-list of sensible requirements and it having to make sense from a financial point of view, a property purchase is best when it also fires your passion.

This is of course especially true if you’re going to use it as a holiday home, let alone a full-time residence. In such a case we truly speak of a home and not just a property, so making the right choice becomes all-important. But how do you know when you spot the right one? That villa or apartment just made for you – among what is usually a very wide and at times confusing array of options? Here are some tips that should help you stay focused and remain true to your original wishlist.


Location and setting

While it is important to be open-minded and just a little flexible when searching for a property, the location and setting are obvious ways to sort the jewels from the rest. This is a highly personal factor, so ask yourself what it is that you expect from a location. For instance: practical factors such as proximity to shops, schools, work, sports facilities, restaurants, medical amenities and also opportunities to go for relaxing walks.  

Other considerations include views, the state of upkeep of the immediate surroundings and complex/property itself, the landscaping, if there is noise or construction nearby, any eyesores that detract from the setting, and above all – the feeling you get when you’re there. A home or even development may be beautiful, but if its surroundings are not ideal this can greatly reduce your enjoyment of the property.


The perfect property 

Ideally, just arriving at your home should fill you with a sense of wellbeing, creating a feeling of arrival that continues as the gate glides open and you park surrounded by beautiful gardens. The public spaces of an apartment complex should resonate quality and it should be designed to offer both privacy and a sense of community, while entering your home has to come with a warm feeling, for it’s your most important, most personal space.  

There is, of course, no such thing as ‘the perfect property’, as the perfect home is simply the one that suits you best. A tick-list of requirements is important, such as the number of bedrooms and other important practical and aesthetic considerations, but don’t lose track of more sensory factors, as they will determine how happy you are with the property. Think of the layout, what you can do to decorate the home in your preferred style, the views, light and if it has the kind of amenities that are important to you. Importantly, does it fit your intended lifestyle?

At the end of the day, the right property is the product of a wide range of factors, which is why we put so much time not only in to the architectural design, layout and finishing of the apartments and penthouses at Higueron West 217, but are also passionate about the landscaping, streetscaping, orientation and many other details that form the basis for creating a unique quality of life.